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TeleGroup track records of success include projects in indoor and outdoor environments for UMTS, GSM 1800, GSM 900, WiFi networks operators.

Please find some interesting case studies bellow:

Sofia Metropolitan Subway

Technology: GSM 1800, UMTS ready

Description: The project includes 8 Stations of 2-3 floors each and 14 Tunnels with total pipe length of 24 km. The system is deployed using a single BTS hotel.

Sofia Metropolitan Subway

Botevgrad Highway

Technology: GSM 900/1800. The project employees a combination of Mobile Access RF over fiber technology, 5W repeaters.

Description: 8 km road with 8 pipe tunnels ranging from 0.8 km to 1.8 km.
Botevgrad Road and Tunnels

NDK National Palace of Culture

Technology: GSM 1800/900, UMTS ready, 802.11 b/g

Description: The project includes 11 floors, 12 conference halls, commercial areas, movie theater, underground bazaar, underground parking, underground bus platforms, tunnel, and offices in a total space of 120,000 sqm. The system employees a single BTS and it is designed to support all surrounding buildings on a "campus" architecture.


Mall of Sofia

Technology: GSM 1800/900, UMTS ready, 802.11 b/g ready

Description: Mall of Sofia is the largest shopping center in Bulgaria which includes 80,000 sqm of commercial area, 3 floors of underground parking, 5 floors office building and a large movie theatre. The system operates on a multi-operator schema.

Mall of Sofia

Hilton Hotel

Technology: GSM 900/1800, WiFi, UMTS ready

Description: Hilton Hotel is the largest business hotel in Bulgaria. The system is deployed based on a remote BTS hotel.

Hilton Hotel

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