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TeleGroup offers a host of solutions for supporting wireless and wire line network implementation. Our solutions are based on innovative engineering, skilful and professional field agents, high end products and our vast experience in serving various types of customers. TeleGroup key solutions are listed bellow:

imIn-building and special coverage solutions:

Our in-building group has developed unique expertise in delivering in-building coverage system on a full turnkey base. TeleGroup experience covers a wide range of project types such as underground tunnels, subways, mountain roads, tunnels, shopping centers, small villages, urban and rural dark spots and large buildings. The company philosophy in this field is lead by our commitment to provide the most cost effective solution to our customer. This aim is achieved by integrating the best technology for each job. Our project portfolio covers the following technologies:
  • RF over fiber
  • Coax solution (passive)
  • Leaky cables
  • Cat-5/6 solutions
  • Hybrid

imAndrew a world of solutions

TeleGroup is a partner of Andrew and is assigned as a local distributor. Together with Andrew, TeleGroup offers a world of RF related solutions from the BTS to the edge of the antenna. Our solutions include the following key groups:
  • Antennas and antenna systems
  • Transmission line systems (cables, connectors, grounding, assembly)
  • Repeaters and amplifiers
  • Microwave cable and waveguide systems
  • Wireless network design and optimization tools
  • Passive RF components (splitters, attenuators, combiners)

imTransmission over copper cables

The old copper infrastructure still can bring to the operator cost and time savings based on the well proven SHDSL and also on the new SHDSL.bis technology. TeleGroup offers together with S-Access (www.s-access.ch) a carrier-class SHDSL systems with unique features such as multi service (E1, V.35, X.21), point to multipoint, 4 wire repeaters, Add/Drop repeaters, LAN bridging etc.

imSite acquisition and permitting solutions:

TeleGroup supports networks through the entire site identification, site contracting and legalization process. The services are provided by a dedicated group of professionals on a step by step basis or a full turnkey. Our site acquisition and permitting standards are customized to local laws and regulations on each territory.

imEquipment installation and integration:

Our installation services are implemented by a dedicated business group employing skilful project managers, field engineers and technicians. TeleGroup has developed and implemented strict working and quality standards to assure performance and on-time delivery. Our professionals gained experience with implementing and integrating of telecom equipment of various vendors including Nokia, Cisco, Mobile Access, Andrew, Huawei and Ericsson.

imNetwork implementation solutions:

TeleGroup provides a host of professional services to support customers in field implementation tasks. Our implementation services cover indoor and outdoor solutions in the following areas:
  • Feeder and antenna systems
  • Civil works
  • Transmission
  • Electrical work

imEngineering solutions:

TeleGroup offers high end engineering solutions aiming to assist companies in the following areas:
  • RF engineering
  • Transmission
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Construction
  • Project management
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